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Name Description
[Bobabot v3.0 Test]

[.exe Format]
[.zip Format]

Version 3.0 TEST (Use at your own risk)

- re-coded
- Buy properly (will buy 1 gun per round)
- Navigate better (better than 2.1 I still have to fix cluttering)
- New Waypoints
- Break Glass! Cover up!
- Use HE Grenades at moment (others have been disabled)
- Too Many others

I'm releasing this because a few people I know over ICQ wanted me to. Like I said this is NOT final it's just somthing to play instead of that crappy 2.1 Expect 3.0 to be released within a while.

[Bobabot v2.1]

[.exe Format]
[.zip Format]

Version 2.0 Full:

-They buy
-Different personalities partially implemented.
-Some bots will be trigger happy
-Some bots will be grenade fraggers
-Fixed Waypoint files.
-Random Names
-Grenades are BACK!
-Bot's no longer go out of their way in search for ladders/weapons (until the code gets better)
-Too many other fixes to mention.

Download .exe format if you don't have [Win-Zip] or any other un-zipper.

Download .zip format if you have a un-zipper

[Counter-Strike Beta 7.1] Just a link to the site where you can download Counter-Strike.

It is required that you have this to play bobabot. So please if you don't have it, download it.