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[October 21, 2000] - Bobafett

Bobabot 3.0 Final is now availabe for download. You can find it by clicking here for the zipped version. Or here for the EXE version.

Here are some features.

-Bot.cpp re-coded
-Buy the way I want them to (Some like to buy every round while others don't)
-Radio Commands!!!
-Have a 50% chance of targeting enemy who is damaging them when hit even if they already have an enemy. More or less smart targeting. (no more decoys!)
-Break glass more human like!
-Have a chance of buying ALL grenades and using them
-Partially fixed "map" command (don't have waypoints on when you change maps)
-They use evasive maneuvers!
-New waypoint for cs_office (only official one for the moment... a waypoint pack WILL be released)
-They are fun! (I'm spending more time "testing" them now)
-Use ladders (quite primitive) (must be 100 units near a ladder to use it)
-A lot of minor tweaks and fixes.

Feel free to e-mail bugs and suggestions for my bot here. I included cs_office ONLY and will make more waypoints for my bot in the near future.

Boba's TEST release of
Bobabot v3.0

Bobabot FULL
Version 2.1

[Counter-Strike b7.1]
Needed to play BobaBot

Bobabot v3.0

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